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Agriculture, Farming & Raw Materials Agricultural Implements and Machinery Market

12 June 2012


The agricultural implements and machinery market is projected to reach US $122.9 billion by 2017. This growth can be predominantly put down to an increase in demand for agricultural produce, due to...

Industrial Air Conditioning Systems Market

18 April 2013


Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more favourable conditions. More generally, air conditioning can refer to any form of techn...

Automotive and Parts Argentina Automotive Market

13 February 2012


Argentina has a well developed automotive industry that started in the early 1950's with nine firms producing automobiles and trucks of European design. The automotive import market is pretty much ...

Food and Drink Argentina Processed Food Market

20 February 2012


The Argentina processed food market is worth $1.2 billion, and has exhibited an estimated 10% growth rate in recent years. Hamburgers are the largest product category within the processed food mark...

Retail Argentinean Retail Market

10 May 2012


The retail market in Argentina has witnessed a decline in sales during January 2012, falling 1.6% from the previous month. Taken from a yearly perspective, Argentina's retail market is rising and h...

Consumer Goods Bulgaria Audio Visual Consumer Goods Market

8 February 2012


According to a recent Eurostat study, Bulgaria, a market of 7.3 million people, has the least expensive consumer goods, including audio-visual technologies, in the European Union. Bulgarians have t...

Travel Bulgaria Tourism Industry 2011

9 February 2012


Bulgaria's tourism market represents an important sector for the country and economy. Accession to the European Union has driven demand for tourism in Bulgaria and improved hotels and other facilit...

Healthcare and Medical Cardiovascular Devices Market

27 February 2012


Global cardiovascular market research demonstrates that the global cardiovascular devices market will surpass $40 billion over the next give years. Cardiovascular disease is increasing around the w...

Healthcare and Medical Chilean Laboratory Equipment Market 2011

14 February 2012


In 2001, US$100 million worth of imports entered the laboratory equipment market in Chile. The import of reagents also totalled US$90 million (CIF). The Chilean laboratory equipment market is domin...

Food and Drink China Soft Drinks Market

11 April 2014


Coca-Cola first entered the Chinese market in 1927 although the company was forced to exit by 1948 as a result of Chairman Mao Tse-tung. Following this set back in their penetration of the Chinese ...

Consumer Goods Czech Republic Cosmetics and Toiletries Market 2011

17 February 2012


Czech Republic cosmetics and toiletries market was valued at US$1.07 billion in 2007. The Czech consumers are often known for being traditional, conservative and price sensitive however, it is the ...

Retail Czech Republic Grocery Retail Market 2010

31 October 2011


Czech Republic Retail MarketThe Czech Republic experienced declines in grocery and non-grocery retailing due to the global financial crises. Grocery retailing is worth 45% o...

Healthcare and Medical Czech Republic Veterinary Market Insight

11 May 2012


The Czech veterinary market has experienced relatively strong growth despite the economic crisis and this trend is expected to continue of the next few years. More than half of Czech families own a...

Healthcare and Medical ECG Devices Market

11 June 2012


The ECG devices market includes a set of monitors which help health professionals to monitor electrical activity of the heart and detect any heart disease at an early stage. It is useful in patient...

Energy and Utilities Ecuador Electricity Market 2011

15 February 2012


Ecuador electricity market is to increase power generation to cover with the annual increase in demand for electricity of 5 to 6 percent. Ecuador's electricity generation is highly dependent on hyd...

Chemicals European Chemicals Market 2011

22 February 2012


The European chemicals market is estimated to be valued at EUR449 billion with Germany representing the largest chemicals market out of the 27 member states. In 2010, 25% of total chemical producti...

Energy and Utilities Finland Energy Market

13 February 2012


Energy consumption per capita is relatively high in Finland due to its energy intensive industry, the cold climate, good standard of living and the size of the country which necessarily mean long t...

Information Technology Gamification Market

11 January 2013


Gamification is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users and solve problems. Gamification is used in applications and processes to improve user enga...

Healthcare and Medical Germany Nursing Care Services Market 2011

20 February 2012


The Germany nursing care services market is expected to grow: Experts anticipate an increase to EUR 37 billion by 2020 and to EUR 72 billion by 2050. In comparison, the market value in 2005 stood a...

Chemicals Germany Plastics Market Worth $71 billion in 2010

4 November 2011


Germany is the largest producer of plastics in Europe and is therefore the largest plastics market. The plastics processing market in Germany was valued at $71 billion in 2010. Germany is also thou...

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