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Business Services Global Advertising Industry

15 August 2013


The global advertising industry reached a value of $495 billion last year, up +3.8% on 2011. The US remains the largest market with $153 billion in advertising revenues. Japan, China, Germany and t...

Aerospace Global Aerospace Market

21 June 2013


The global aerospace industry is worth $170 billion, according to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. The industry involves the manufacture of defense goods, including information systems, wate...

Agriculture, Farming & Raw Materials Global Agriculture Market

26 April 2013


Agriculture is the world's largest industry. It employs more than one billion people and generates over $1.3 trillion dollars worth of food annually. Pasture and cropland occupy around 50 percent o...

Textiles and Clothing Global Apparel Industry

27 June 2013


Despite the current global economic downturn, the global apparel industry continues to grow at a healthy rate and this, coupled with the absence of switching costs for consumers and great product d...

Automotive and Parts Global Automotive Industry

11 July 2013


Today's automotive industry is affected by many trends. Governments are tempering the need for revenue with increased competition for labour and capital. Tax authorities are adapting their enforcem...

Finance and Banking Global Banking Industry

19 July 2013


The global banking industry has been hit hard in recent years due to the maelstrom of the crisis that affected all financial industries in recent years. The global banking industry did recover in 2...

Food and Drink Global Beer Industry

22 August 2013


The global beer industry, which includes flavoured alcoholic drinks and cider, generated sales worth more than $585 billion in 2010. Market growth is expected to remain steady at a yearly rate of a...

Food and Drink Global Beverage Market

11 April 2013


The global beverage market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% over the next five years, to reach a market value of $1,347 billion by 2017. The global beve...

Security Global Biometrics Market

3 October 2013


The global biometrics market has been forecast a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.9% through 2015, increasing from a value of $5 billion in 2011, to reach a total of approximately $12 billi...

Leisure Global Boardsports Market

28 September 2012


The global boardsports market has been forecast to hit a value of $20.5 billion by the year 2017. Although, the current global recession throws a temporary dampener on growth patterns, the boardspo...

Business Services Global Business Services Market

5 July 2013


The business services market is inherently difficult to define although one of the best ways to define this sector is to look at outsourced services. Services range from facilities management, cont...

Leisure Global Casino Gaming Industry

12 September 2013


The global casino gaming industry is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenues of around 9.2% per annum, with the fastest growth coming from Asia Pacific (18.3%) and L...

Chemicals Global Chemicals Market

11 July 2013


Turnover within the global chemicals market was valued at €2744 billion in 2011. Data for 2011 confirms that a significant recovery of the chemicals industry occurred during the year. Global sales ...

Consumer Goods Global Condom Industry

19 September 2013


The global condom industry has been forecast to hit a market value of US$5.4 billion by 2018, with the industry set to be driven by the growing concern towards the spread of various sexually transm...

Food and Drink Global Confectionery Market

20 September 2013


The global confectionery market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% for the five-year period 2011 - 2016, rising from a valuation of $157,640 million in 2011...

Construction Global Construction Market

2 November 2012


The global construction market has been forecast to increase by 70% between now and 2020, rising from a valuation of $7.2 trillion to $12 trillion. In spite of what is currently reported on the new...

Consumer Goods Global Consumer Goods Market

25 April 2013


Consumer goods are goods that are ultimately consumed rather than used in the production of another good. For example, a microwave oven or a mixer grinder which is sold to a consumer is a final goo...

Defence Global Defence Industry

30 July 2013


Expenditure within the global defence industry in 2012 totalled $1753 billion, around 2.5% of world GDP. In real terms, the total was 0.5 per cent lower than in 2011, the first fall in world milita...

Business Services Global Education Market

8 November 2013


The global market for education is currently worth $4.4 trillion, and poised to grow significantly over the next five years. The e-learning market is projected to grow by 23 per cent between now an...

Food and Drink Global Energy Drinks Industry

9 August 2013


Consumption within the global energy drink market surged by 14% in 2011 to 4.8 billion litres, adding over 1.5 billion litres since 2007. Average growth over the past five years has been 10% a year...

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