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Energy and Utilities Global Fracking Market

2 March 2014


The United States National Intelligence Council has conducted some forecasting of the energy fracking potential over the next few decades and forecast the impact this may have on energy security by...

Energy and Utilities Global Renewable Energy Market

26 July 2013


The global renewable energy market had revenue in excess of $322 billion last year. The worldwide market for renewable energy is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of close to 8.5%, ...

Energy and Utilities Philippines Renewable Energy Market Insight

11 May 2012


Renewable energy market is developing rapidly in the Philippines as renewable energy represents an esstential part of the country's low emissions development strategy. The Renewable Energy Act of 2...

Energy and Utilities Turkey's Renewable Energy Market

4 April 2012


Solar Energy in Turkey:Turkey's geographical location is very favourable in terms of solar energy potential, placing it well ahead of many countries in the solar energy marke...

Energy and Utilities Ecuador Electricity Market 2011

15 February 2012


Ecuador electricity market is to increase power generation to cover with the annual increase in demand for electricity of 5 to 6 percent. Ecuador's electricity generation is highly dependent on hyd...

Energy and Utilities Finland Energy Market

13 February 2012


Energy consumption per capita is relatively high in Finland due to its energy intensive industry, the cold climate, good standard of living and the size of the country which necessarily mean long t...

Energy and Utilities Kazakhstan Power Market

13 February 2012


The forecast for 2012 power generation output is 90.3 billion kilowatts per hour (kWh). Kazakhstan's 2011 power generation output is expected to reach 86.6 billion kWh. In 2010, power generation am...

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