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Textiles and Clothing Global Apparel Industry

27 June 2013


Despite the current global economic downturn, the global apparel industry continues to grow at a healthy rate and this, coupled with the absence of switching costs for consumers and great product d...

Textiles and Clothing Technical Textiles Market

17 April 2013


Technical textiles are predominantly man-made fibre-based owing to their inherent advantages of strength and versatility. Man-made fibres are estimated to account for around 80% of the total fibre ...

Textiles and Clothing Global Industrial Fabrics Market Insight

23 May 2012


The global industrial fabrics market was estimated to be valued at US$120 billion in 2010 with the Japanese producing approximately us$5.9 billion worth of high performance industrial fibres. By 20...

Textiles and Clothing Mexican Textile Market 2011

14 February 2012


The Mexican textile market accounts for 3.2% of Mexico's manufacturing GDP compared to 2.8% for the apparel industry. Interestingly, both the textile industry and apparel manufacturing in Mexico ac...

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