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Consumer Goods Singapore consumer electronics market sees major growth in 2013 boosted by smartphone and tablet demand

16 April 2014


The Singapore consumer electronics market has seen a high level of growth from 2012 to 2013, with a greater range and more reasonably priced tablets being the driving force behind the increase in s...

Consumer Goods US pet food ingredients market represents the largest sector of the US$34Bn global industry

7 April 2014


Pet food ingredients market is forecast to attain revenues of US$34.16 billion by 2018. Strong revenue growth is being driven by an increasing pet population and a rising disposable income amongst ...

Consumer Goods China LED lighting market set to drive strong growth in Asia as 30% target set for 2015

25 March 2014


The global LED lighting market is forecast to reach revenues of US$19.8 billion by 2020. Increased demand for LED lighting is expected to be driven primarily by favourable government policies, decl...

Consumer Goods Global zip fasteners market recovers in 2013 with YKK remaining the market leader

20 January 2014


The global zippers market is forecast to increase to revenues of US$11.7 billion by 2018 as the demand for apparel, footwear and luggage sectors increase over the next few years. Zippers are pretty...

Consumer Goods Sweden consumer electronics market price war forced bankruptcy of Expert Sweden AB and OnOff

17 January 2014


Sweden consumer electronics market has seen a period of intense price competition which has resulted in the demise of several players in the industry. In 2012, Expert Sweden AB filed for bankruptcy...

Consumer Goods Global pico projector market to surpass US$10Bn by 2020

15 January 2014


The global pico projector market is forecast to surpass US$10 billion by 2020 as the market increases at a rapid pace of 41.01% during the period 2012 to 2020. Pico projectors are developing rapidl...

Consumer Goods US beauty and personal care market led by Procter & Gamble Co and L'Oreal USA in 2012

10 January 2014


The United States beauty and personal care market is dominated by the leading two companies, Procter & Gamble Co and L'Oreal USA in 2012. The beauty and personal care market in the United State...

Consumer Goods UK bags and luggage market led by LVMH, increasing market share to 6% in 2012

10 January 2014


LVNH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) represents the market leader of the United Kingdom's bags and luggage market in 2012. LVMH has benefited from its internationally recognised brand with touri...

Consumer Goods US home insecticides market growth driven by continued rise of bed bug infestations

9 January 2014


The United States insecticides market was been heavily affected by the increased infestations of bed bugs in cities over recent years. Climate change and increased temperatures are increasing pest ...

Consumer Goods US home care market matures with companies focused on product differentiation

9 January 2014


Companies are increasingly on ensuring their home care products differentiate from their competitors as the United States home care market increasingly matures and becomes highly competitive. New p...

Consumer Goods US toilet care market led by Clorox in 2012 with 32% market share

8 January 2014


The United States toilet care market performed better in 2012 compared to 2011 as the economy remained relatively quiet although improved over the same period. Sales in toilet care market within th...

Consumer Goods Global LED lighting market forecast to benefit from increased government legislation

6 January 2014


The world LED lighting market is driven primarily by government regulations and policies towards the use of energy efficient lighting. Over the same time period, the world LED lighting market has a...

Consumer Goods The UK electrical appliances market is worth £4.2Bn in 2013 of which 67.3% is from imports

30 December 2013


The electrical appliance manufacturing market in the UK totalled revenues of £4.2bn in 2013. UK's largest home-grown appliance company is Dyson Group although in 2003, the company shifted all the c...

Consumer Goods Father Christmas expected to deliver 2.3 million iPad minis adding 700,000kg weight on his sleigh this Christmas

23 December 2013


Christmas is a busy time of the year for Santa Claus and he has been busy preparing for the difficult task each year of logistically delivering all the presents. It is estimated the Father Christma...

Consumer Goods US jewellery market to hit value sales of $67.3 billion in 2018

16 December 2013


Growth within the US jewellery market continued to slow in 2013, having risen by 10% in 2011 and by 6% in 2012 in current value terms.Following the Great Recession, Americans returned to buy...

Consumer Goods US writing instruments market led by Newell Rubbermaid

16 December 2013


Current value sales within the US writing instrument market have increased slightly in 2013.This lack of movement was caused by technological advances being incorporated into all aspects of ...

Consumer Goods US personal accessories market driven by the rise of new technology

16 December 2013


The US personal accessories market showed lower current value growth in 2013 than in 2012, as unit prices of gold and silver jewellery declined in 2013, after rocketing in 2011. Unit prices of bags...

Consumer Goods US watch market dominated by Fossil with a 24% value share

13 December 2013


Value sales within the US watch market increased by 6% in 2013, as pent-up demand for watches during the economic downturn was released from 2010 to 2012.However, the 6% current value growth...

Consumer Goods Traditional incandescent bulbs market impaced by the gradual phase out of energy inefficient products

12 December 2013


The traditional incandescent bulbs market has been forecast to reach a value of $48.2 million by 2018, due to the gradual phase out of energy inefficient products across the world.The emerge...

Consumer Goods Fluorescent bulbs market driven by the global shift towards solid state lighting

11 December 2013


The fluorescent bulbs market has been forecast to reach a value of $5.5 billion by 2018, due to the global shift towards solid state lighting and the increasing penetration of LED lighting products...

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