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Industrial Debt Deleveraging Economies to Bounce Around Zero Growth in 2012

12 January 2012


The debt deleveraging economies are forecast to see relatively mixed quarter results during 2012 and 2013 with alternate quarters reporting up to 2% growth with others suggesting a slowdown. The de...

Industrial Rockwell Automation awarded $11M contract

30 March 2012

Contract Wins

An $11 million contract has been awarded to Rockwell Automation by Cynar Plc, a leading technology company in the waste-to-energy market. Rockwell Automation have been awarded the contract to desig...

Industrial Alcoa to cut alumina production

5 April 2012


Alcoa Inc, the U.S. aluminium giant, plans to cut alumina production by 4 percent, becoming the first producer to take measures aimed at cutting oversupply that has pushed prices close to $300 per ...

Industrial Gaskets and Seals market expected to hit $30 billion by 2017

12 April 2012


Due to strong gains in end use industries in developing countries, the gaskets and seals market is expected to hit $30 billion by 2017.Latin America is continuing to help sustain growth in t...

Industrial Alderon to partner with Chinese steelmaker Hebei

13 April 2012

Joint Ventures

Alderon Iron Ore Corp, the Canadian exploration company, announced on Friday it has agreed to partner with Chinese steelmaker Hebei Iron & Steel group by selling a stake in its self and its Kam...

Industrial Caterpillar Foundation makes investment in job training

16 April 2012


Caterpillar Inc. has announced a Foundation investment in job training directed at disadvantaged youth in Latin America and the Caribbean, worth $4.5 million. The Foundation, initiated last year to...

Industrial Fujitsu unveil Riskmining Navigator

20 April 2012


The release of a new software solution, targeted primarily at manufacturers, was unveiled today by Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited. The Riskmining Navigator is used to analyse re...

Industrial Fujitsu to strengthen the Japanese manufacturing industry

8 May 2012


Fujitsu has announced the establishment of a "manufacturing innovation team" concept designed to strengthen the manufacturing industry in Japan by delivering new value to customers. Based...

Industrial AkzoNobel to supply roof coatings for major Brazilian stadium

9 May 2012

Contract Wins

An agreement has been reached for AkzoNobel, the world's leading decorative paints company, to supply coatings for the roof of Brazil's famous Maracana Stadium, which will host a major soccer final...

Industrial World Industrial Robotics market set to reach 204 thousand units by 2017

11 May 2012


The world Industrial Robotics market is set to reach 204 thousand units by the year 2017, driven primarily by strong growth opportunities in developing countries in Asia-Pacific, especially China. ...

Industrial Four new product suppliers join Rockwell Automation program

15 May 2012


Four new product suppliers have joined the Rockwell Automation Encompass third-party product-referencing program, three in the Americas region and one in the Asia Pacific region. One additional par...

Industrial Rexel reaches agreement to acquire Platt Electrical Supply

16 May 2012

Mergers & Acquisitions

The global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, Rexel, has announced today an agreement has been reached to acquire Platt Electric Supply, a premier independent distributor of electri...

Industrial Coatings market forecast to reach 8.7 billion gallons by 2017

21 May 2012


The coatings market is forecast to r...

Industrial Power/utility boiler market continues to see Asia-Pacific dominate

12 June 2012


The power/utility boiler market continues to see Asia-Pacific dominate. Growth in the global boilers market looks set to be driven by developing countries worldwide. Asia-Pacific also represents th...

Industrial Clay building materials and clay refractories market to hit $52.2 billion

20 June 2012


The global clay building materials and clay refractories market is forecast to hit US $52.2 billion by 2017, driven by the rising infrastructure and industrial activity in emerging markets in the A...

Industrial Industrial robotics market experiences phenomenal growth

21 June 2012


The industrial robotics market has fully recovered from the recession and has been experiencing phenomenal growth in recent times. The market is expected to grow at a relatively slower pace in the ...

Industrial Pipes and hose fittings market in Asia-Pacific to grow 4.6%

26 June 2012


Asia-Pacific represents the largest and fastest growing region within the pipes and hose fitting market, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% to 2015.The global pipes and hose...

Industrial Control and processing equipment market to hit $65.9 billion

26 June 2012


By 2017 the global control and processing equipment market is projected to hit $65.9 billion. Growth will be primarily driven by growing focus on industrial/production process automation in develop...

Industrial Foamed plastics market to hit 10.5 million tons

27 June 2012


The global foamed plastics market is estimated to hit 10.5 million tons by 2017. Post recession, recovery and stronger demand from critical end-use industries including building construction, furni...

Industrial Flow meters market looking to Asia-Pacific for growth

27 June 2012


The global flow meters market is expected to reach US $5.1 billion by the year 2017, primarily driven by the re-investment of manufacturing majors in plant renovation, modernisation, capacity expan...

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